Considering the travel restrictions currently being caused by Covid-19, Qvis is the only Surveillance Inspection technology that allows you to remotely monitor the HSEQ performance of Construction Contractors and Vendors of Critical Equipment.

Developed specifically for Oil & Gas Operating companies and their EPC contractors, Qvis can be quickly configured for your project.  

Using Qvis on your project will drastically reduce the need for travel and maximise the use of local resources.

Qvis Screen

Introducing Qvis®

The Cloud based inspection management technology that ensures better informed decisions are taken early.

The Challenges

Project QA/QC Manager

During the execution phase of large hydrocarbon development projects, several contracts are placed with construction contractors and many hundreds of purchase orders are issued for the supply of materials and equipment. The project QA / QC manager must ensure that the project specification requirements are being met during the execution of each contract and prior to the fulfilment of each purchase order. 

Project Manager 

The Project Manager must be informed and take steps to manage risks that may impact the budget or schedule.  As with all risks, the earlier that quality issues are identified and addressed the less impact they are likely to have.

When the pace of work intensifies, it is often difficult for the project manager to keep the client fully informed, while at the same time managing complex situations and progressing the many work fronts to protect the budget and schedule.


Oil & Gas Operating companies engage EPC contractors to deliver a defined scoped of work.  During execution, clients need assurance that all aspects of the work are under control and potential threats to the schedule are being identified and managed.  When Information does not flow as it should, issues of trust develop and the client will often increase oversight and perform more intrusive verification inspections.  Invariably, this increased oversight creates friction between the parties and the relationship deteriorates.

                     Qvis effectively addresses these challenges

                  Qvis = Quality + Visibility = Transparency + Trust 

Qvis - Cross Platform

Real-time QC performance

Planned & Ad-Hoc Inspections

Schedule surveillance inspections to be performed by the Operator and EPC contractor inspectors

Intuitive data modelling

Visualises and predicts where there are likely to be quality related failures in the future

Powerful analytics

Gathers and analyses inspection data associated with QC Leading Indicators

360° dashboard view

Reporting of QC performance of all project construction, contractors and manufacturers of critical equipment

Develop a win-win relationship with your main contractors by providing support only where it’s needed

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