A new way for Oil & Gas Operating Companies and EPC Contractors to manage QC Surveillance Inspections. Anytime, Anywhere, any Device

Qvis Screen

Qvis is a secure, responsive cloud application designed to plan and manage the life cycle of the Surveillance Inspection process.

Qvis - Multi-Platform

Track health of qc

Providing visibility to the Oil & Gas company and EPC contractor project management on health of vendor and contractor QC performance in real time

Minimise risks

Risk assessing factors associated with product design and capability of vendor/contractor to meet specification requirements

real time inspection data

Recording and monitoring the status of all surveillance inspection findings in real time, on any device, anywhere

leverage tangible data

Qvis data-driven platform increasing the likelihood that FATs and Final Inspections will be flawless

stay informed on findings

Monitoring the actions taken by the EPC contractor, construction contractors and suppliers to address inspection findings

TRack ncr status

With a birds eye view, Qvis monitors the status of all project NCRs from issue to close out, keeping you looped-in

QC Inspections - the smarter way

We at Verum Solutions Ltd believe that by identifying and tracking QC ‘leading indicators’ that are associated with all fabrication and construction processes, you can look to the future and identify where things are likely to go wrong if action is not taken.

QC Leading Indicators


An indicator supported by verifiable historical data that can be used to predict future performance.

The concept of Leading Indicators has been used with great success in the field of HSE to reduce the frequency of health and safety related incidents. However, the same cannot be said of Quality. This is particularly true during the delivery of materials or packaged equipment, or during construction activities.

The principle of measuring the effect of management actions on the efficiency of QA activities has gone unnoticed.  Project managers often accept the cost of correcting equipment arriving onsite that doesn’t meet the specification requirements, or correcting construction issues during commissioning as a fact of life.  However, for both HSE and Quality Assurance, the principles of leveraging the power of Leading Indicators remain the same. Plan, Measure and Report the data from QC surveillance inspections and don’t depend on the pass/fail observation of an ITP HOLD point.

Stay in control & always in the know

With Qvis, you can communicate to your inspectors what you want them to do and know immediately what they have found when the inspection has been completed. The tangible data allows you to focus your inspectors on those surveillance inspections that are the most critical, whilst managing your inspection budget with accurate financial forecasting.

Land safely with Qvis

Qvis technology will add value to your project by increasing the efficiency of the QC inspection process and maximising the return on your inspection budget

Develop a win-win relationship with your main contractors by providing support only where it’s needed

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